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234th Army Birthday Challenge Coin

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The 234th anniversary of the U.S. Army recognizes the moment, on June 14, 1775, that the Continental Congress created the most powerful fighting force in the world. At the core of the largest branch of the U.S. military is the credo that commands “This We’ll Defend.” The 300,000 dedicated soldiers, who carry this credo with them whatever the mission, proudly defend freedom and uphold liberty wherever they stand.

This coin also gives special recognition to the backbone of the Army – the Noncommissioned Officer. Wherever they fight and whomever they defend throughout the far reaches of the globe, this coin salutes all Army personnel on their organizations’ 234th birthday.

The obverse of this coin display the date of the Army’s 234th birthday and also shows the text “Noncommissioned Officers, The Strength of The Army” ringing the coin. Minted in a nickel alloy, this coin is then given durable enamel highlights.