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Morgan Head - Pure Copper Bar - 1 ADVP Ounce

1-oz Pure Copper Bar With a Beautiful Morgan Design

Precious metals stackers are buying copper to prepare in case metals are needed for barter and trade. One ounce copper bars can fill an important gap for someone who already has silver and gold bullion. They are the answer to the question; "What happens if silver prices move too high to be practical for very small transactions?" Copper has filled that role in the past (think pennies), and it can fill that role again in the future if needed.

Our 1-oz Morgan bars are also beautiful and affordable. Each bar is minted from .999 pure copper, and clearly marked with weight and purity. They are manufactured right here in the USA by Osborne Mint - the nation's oldest private mint.

About the Design

The obverse side of the bar carries the Morgan head design made famous on US silver dollars minted between 1878 and 1921. George T. Morgan is the artist behind the iconic portrait of Lady Liberty wearing the Phrygian cap. As inspiration, Morgan sat 5 times with the model Anna Willess Williams, and declared her profile to be the most perfect he had seen.

The reverse side features a patriotic design incorporating spread wings representing liberty and the stars and stripes, along with the copper weight and purity.

Important Features:

  • Each bar ontains 1 ADVP (avoirdupois) oz of .999 fine copper. This is "standard" weight rather than the "troy" weight used in gold and silver bullion.
  • The Morgan design is among the most familiar (and popular) in American coinage.
  • All bars are brand new and gleaming, made by the nation's oldest private mint - Osborne Coinage.

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