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Indian Head - Pure Copper Challenge Coin - 1 ADVP Ounce

1 Oz Copper Rounds - "Indian Head" Design

The "Indian Head" design first appeared on US coinage in 1908. The $2.50 and $5.00 denomination gold coins minted then remain popular among coin investors today who cherish the iconic design. 

Our pure copper "Indian Head" rounds are struck using incuse molds. The images are sunken into the surface, rather than raised. The obverse side features and Native American Cheiftain and 13 stars representing the original 13 colonies. The word "Liberty" also appears. Add this great 1 oz copper Indian Head coin to your collection today! 

The reverse side carries the image of a bald eagle perched and clutching an olive branch. The copper weight and purity are displayed. 1 oz copper coins consist of: 

  • The weight of the rounds is in standard (avoirdupois) ounces, rather than troy ounces.
  • Rounds are made by the Osborne Mint - America's oldest private mint located in Cincinnati, OH.

As the value of the US dollar erodes away, copper prices promise to rise. The metal is an essential in a vast number of industrial and manufacturing applications, assuring it will always maintain value. This is a great Indian Copper Coin for any collector. 

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