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Protect Your Hands in Every Situation

In a military setting, your head is perhaps the most important part of your body. You have to think on your feet and react to any situation, using your training and knowledge to keep yourself and those around you alive and fighting. But perhaps second in line to your head are your hands. You use your hands every day, from simple things like eating and getting dressed, to complex things like signaling and firing your weapon. Without your hands and fingers, you wouldn't be an effective soldier. With gloves and other military clothing from OPSGEAR, you can protect your hands in every situation.

Tactical gloves should be versatile, but not cumbersome. Once you slip them on, they should feel like an extension of your hand and allow you to do everything you need to. These Condor Nomex gloves fit securely around the wrist and are doubly-reinforced on the palm and knuckle for extra support. The Nomex provides flash and flame protection, and the hard shell knuckle protector makes it easier when you have to get up close and personal. The goatskin leather provides a great feel and won't hinder your dexterity and movement when in the field.

We also carry gloves that provide seamless interaction with electronics, and gloves that will keep your hands warm in cold climates. The last thing you want is to lose feeling in your fingertips or not be able to handle your firearm when it really counts. At OPSGEAR, our selection of military clothing is designed to be functional, fitting, and provide fluid movement at a moment's notice. Protect your hands, head, feet, and body by shopping with us for the finest tactical and military gear.

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