Tactical Clothing: Origins

Little known and widely misunderstood, tactical clothing did not have its beginnings in the midst of battle, in the police station or at the firing range. It wasn’t created for gun enthusiasts or for the military. Rather, the first tactical pants were created far above the world as a young man named Royal Robbins scaled a mountain.

Realizing the need for extra pockets, loops and a more durable material for all his climbing gear, Robbins began hard at work to create a new breed of pants which would revolutionize not just the climbing industry, but so many others as well. He dubbed the pants 5.11 which was, at the time, the most difficult climb. It stood for a class 5, level 11, or 5.11 for short.

Word spread fast. These pants were practical and comfortable for more than just climbing, and it is rumored that a group of FBI agents went on the shooting range wearing the pants. After this event, the tactical clothing began a wild sensation amongst law enforcement and, seeing an opportunity, a man named Dan Costa broke into the industry. Before Costa, the tactical pants were difficult for anyone but climbers to attain. He bought the design from Royal Robbins and transformed the tactical clothing industry by breaking into the law enforcement market, making it more practical for those fields and forming the excellent products we see today.

Excellent quality and innovation has followed tactical clothing from its birth, and that’s something we hold to everyday at OPSGEAR. Be a part of this legacy and get yours today!
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