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The "OPSGEAR®" Brand Has Been Acquired By DPCR!

January 01, 2018 2 min read

In 2017, DPCR (DP Creations, LLC) acquired all OPSGEAR® intellectual property (IP), including the OPSGEAR® trademark, all OPSGEAR® domains and copyrights, and all other OPSGEAR® IP formerly owned by OPSGEAR, INC. (OG).  

OG has since been dissolved, and no longer exists, and DPCR has been representing the OPSGEAR brand since early 2018. 

DPCR is a Utah-based company. We operate a numberof companies, including Handgun Haven (Utah’s  Largest Handgun Selection), Utah Security Solutions, Self Defense World, ROSE International Doll Expo, and Bountiful Baby®. With our companies, we have adopted the phrase “Nobody ships faster!”, and this has been our motto for over 15 years, with the internal policy of not accepting a customer order that cannot immediately ship. 

We believe that under the stewardship of DPCR, we can make OPSGEAR® flourish to an unprecedented level. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free call us at 385.242.9066. 


Nevin Pratt, CEO
DP Creations, LLC

Message from David Burnell (original founder of OPSGEAR®), Friday December 15th, 4:46 PM:

It is with a mixed heart that we announce the sale of OPSGEAR® to DP Creations. DP Creations has interests in the firearms industry and operates the largest selection of handguns in the State of Utah. They are poised to leverage OPSGEAR’s vast customer base and explode with new ideas, strategies and top level customer service. As of 15 December 2017 they are the new owners of OPSGEAR® operating under the name of DP Creations.

I would like to thank; my family, friends, employees, vendors and partners for the assistance with OPSGEAR® over the years. OPSGEAR® was established in 2001 before 09/11 and accomplished many great industry and life changing things during its tenure under the direction of its founder David Burnell. Now with new blood and a fresh focus, OPSGEAR® is slated to climb to new heights!

Again thank you everyone for the support and patronage over these many years.

Nevin Pratt
Nevin Pratt