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CLEARANCE OPSGEAR Pink Infidel Sweatshirt
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CLEARANCE OPSGEAR Pink Infidel Sweatshirt CLEARANCE OPSGEAR Pink Infidel Sweatshirt


CLEARANCE OPSGEAR Pink Infidel Sweatshirt

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This high quality sweatshirt is silk-screened with INFIDEL in bold lettering on the front. Made from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester for ultimate comfort and durability.

Islamic extremists who justify the brutal oppression and killing of innocent men, women and children as a means of waging a holy war, regard those of any religion who do not adopt their violent theology as "Infidels." Islamic extremists use the term "INFIDEL" as all non believers that should be killed, in its original meaning it is simply someone who does not believe in God.

The extremists take this word to a whole new level when they claim that all "non believers" should be killed. During the execution of the "INFIDEL" often they shout chants and praise God. These extremists are not unlike the hijackers that drove planes into the world trade center on September 11th whose motivation was to bring us all under the rule of the "believer" as defined by those extremists.

WE are a God fearing people that are wearing this brand openly in defiance of being forced in violence to believe a certain way. We are letting these extremists know that there are many of their so called "INFIDELS" roaming freely and openly exercising their God given rights to worship how, where or what they may.

We claim our rights to be FREE from any oppressive government, regime, political movement or religion.  Many of our Muslim friends are also wearing this line of gear because they too desire to be FREE from tyranny and oppression!

  • Long lasting silk-screened graphics
  • INFIDEL in bold lettering on the front
  • 50% Cotton 50% Polyester

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