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I am David AKA "JAGER" the founder and CEO of OPSGEAR, Inc.

As a veteran of the Military with over a decade of honorable active duty service, and a former operational Search an Rescue Instructor, I felt the world shake during the attacks in New York in 2001. We had been in business only a few months, but after that day we renewed our commitment to supporting those in the Military, Police and 911 communities from ALL friendly Nations.

Our key philosophy is to take care of YOU our customer. We are not perfect, but we do focus on the core values of being honest in our dealings and by having full integrity in all transactions. This core attitude has given us explosive growth every year.

We started humbly selling a few tactical items from my home garage. Since those early days we have grown to a full line tactical dealer with many of our own branded products.

From 2001-2012 we built and operated the Urban Warfare Center®, a premier force-on-force training facility that was born out of conflict. Through this we trained thousands of soldiers, police and other good guys in the dynamics of close quarters fighting and stress inoculation. This we did for FREE because we genuinely care. The unique training methods innovated during this time have been shared around the globe and can be found in some of our DVDs right here at OPSGEAR®.

Business is tough for anyone and we want to earn the right to get your business and keep serving you. In fact we give you the opportunity to RATE the company and our products in realtime. This feedback goes to EVERY employee at OPSGEAR® and is reviewed daily by me.

As a focused and driven group of people, and in our rush to launch new products and dominate our markets, we know it is critical that we remember those that make us free, and our customers that keep us in business. We thank you and say "order with confidence" we will treat you right - always

David "JAGER"

REMEMBER - Don't hesitate to write us with any questions you may have at